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[omnia elementum] All elements are considered creating projects that produce compelling and gravitating entertainments. Audio and Video presentations that engage the audience in every way is the objective and destination. SPROG AUDIO.


Projections for Live Performance

ATV image 1
ATV image 2

Ambient-TV produces imagery in accordance with your performance requirements. Flexible video formats and multiple video tracks for performance Time lines or live VJ mixing. Ambient-TV can work with you to create the audience experience you envision. Weather a Rock Band, DJ or theater company fine tuned imagery and projections can greatly enhance audience appeal. Elevating your public profile and generating word of mouth activity is created by an audience leaving with a memorable experience.

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Surrealist Audio and Foggy Pictures

image 5
Experiments and Chaos

Dynamical System (physics) a phase space together with a transformation of that space. Phase Space (physics) an ideal space in which the coordinate dimensions represent the variables that are required to describe a system or substance. Experiments that allow for chaos, uncertainty.

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