Customized video and audio for live performance.

The examples below (Majic Echos) illustrate how variations of the same material produce subtle changes in mood. Contrasting audio for intermissions or breaks is available as well. For visuals to enhance your stage presents Ambient-TV is ready to start the conversation.

image 13

Majic Echos-1

Echos image 1

Dark with room in the center to spotlight front and center stage events. Electric ribbons of color to accent the visual space.

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Majic Echos-2

Echos image 2

The same material as above with a brighter center, a lighter feel for a less moody dark program.

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Majic Echos-3

Echos image 3

Lots of color and movement apropos for bright, up moods and opening moments of a program. Fun mood and natural.

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ATV image 4

Illustrates the power of symmetry along with a dark pix-elated visual space. Ideal for a segment to emphasize players during an instrumental passage.

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