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Clouds Moon

First Audio Experiment

Toy Train Set

The first experiment in audio generation. I connected a large speaker to a toy electric train transformer. The sound was at once overwhelming, warm and a fantastic bass wave. Repeated until l the speaker became tattered and spent.

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Music Gallery


Having had the opportunity to be a member in the days when it resided on St. Patrick Street was a huge learning experience. My 1st public appearence with a complete set of Gongs and a single monophonic synth.

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The Ambient PiNG


The Ambient Ping was started above Orbital Arts in Kensington market area on Augusta Ave., Toronto. With the help of Orbital Arts allowing the use of their artifacts to decorate the stage. the hint of theatrics enhanced the stage presentation of the performance artists. A dedicated listening area in the audio sweet spot and home made style food at dining tables on the periphery, made for a fun evenning.


Wave on Static


The fractal generated image inspired an audio passage and the name wave on static. The orbital nature of the cosmos seems like waves on static.




As you may know the greatest discoveries have been accidents during the process of experimenting. Letting the cosmos at large to influence anything I consider worth the time.

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Photography has always been a part of being engaged in the world and it's operations from a biocentric point of view. Understanding what is going on this spec of the cosmos has always been a curiosity.

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vid-image 1

Images in Motion. Starting with the super8 format and repro photos for synchronized multi-projector programs to today's technology for creating images in motion. Today is just plain fun, compared to yester years.

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Starting with CGA video cards and dot matrix printers, computer graphics applications have been an unending interest. Its a lot more fun today.