Sound tracks for video

The right sound track with the right imagery can make a difference between a good or a great audience experience. Soundstone can help in providing the right mood, ambiance and set the right aural space.


The company of Musicians

Soundstone is the natural evolution resulting from The Ambient Ping experiment. One of the themes being to bring players from various genres to allow a passage of sound to evolve in real time. This often resulted in unique soundscapes, segues and surprising musical events. This endeavor continues as a major theme for Soundstone.


image 4

Atonal in nature and dramatic in the manner of an Alfred Hitchcock motion picture. Recorded during the Little Tokyo sessions found a place in a short video Hallows Day. See Foggy Pictures.

0268 Smooth Presence

image 5

Medium tempo a little hypnotic holding a little suspense. This is a short sample of a complete track that can be found on the Ambient-TV page. Select Soundstone Symmetrrical-Dark-Pixelated.