Surrealist Audio

Passages that are experiments with normally unrelated materials, a place where musical and non musical coexist. Producing states of mind unique to the listener and meanings that defy verbal description.


Surrealist Moments

These experiments are expressions of an increasingly hyper abstracted social environment and technological spread into every corner of human activity. The stream of endless babel, facts, fantasies, fabrications and scientific discoveries are a source of material for the surrealist lens. Actions and reactions constant and irreversible are propelled into the next moment giving rise for an opportunity to capture a surrealist moment within the cosmological reality.


image 4

Haunting sounds remotely disturbing yet surprisingly peaceful like whales passing by a small boat adrift.

Wave on Static

image 5

Finding focus in a confusion. A universe of static energy surrounding a fog of words.


image 4

Metal stress examined in a packet of neat measures.